Wednesday, 3 August 2011


The (twenty-five) Twenty-four RACE Official Rules as told to me by several Ex Chairmen. (Who wish to remain anonymous)

shamelessly stolen from XKCD


Rule 1: The Chairman is always right;

Rule 2: If in doubt, refer to rule 1;

Rule 3: Better to be Warm and Dry then Cold and Wet (WDCW-rule);

Rule 4: It is always Alfredo’s fault;

Rule 5: If Alfredo is not at the event, it is still his fault;

Rule6: Officially provided clothing is never the size it says on the label;

Rule 7:

Rule 8: Notices are never in the correct jury members pidgin hole;

Rule 9:

Rule 10:Oops, I dropped it, him, her, something. (copyright Orsetto)

Rule 11:

Rule 12:

etc. and so on, ad infinitum


Please send in your own off-rules – provided you have been a chairman (at least once in your life – and I want specifics!) – to be included in this list.

You can also suggest improvements on existing ones, or suggest replacing them with something better.

There will be no argument with final publication (see rule 1).



  1. Please let me konow what Alfredo’s fault is.

  2. @sen
    See rule 4; Always & Everything!

  3. The time is whatever the PRO says it is. (credit Howard Hild, formr President of Hild Sails)

  4. "The only way that you can avoid having the umpires change the sailing instructions at the ympire meeting ahead of the event is not to have a umpire meeting ahead of the event"

    I discovered this after running a match racing event at in Toronto for 10 years. The only year I managed not to have proposed SI changes from the umpires was the year I had no umpire meeting.

  5. Sen
    You have obviously never met Alfredo!


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