Friday, 19 August 2011

Penalty taken?

Today's second post is also about hitting the pin-end committee boat. No damage this time, the rubberboat could withstand the soft touch.(>.<)

No, it is about taking the penalty. I've drawn a diagram and you will have to tell me if this boat has or has not taken a one turn penalty according to rule 44.2?

The Race committee has protested the boat for hitting a mark and your panel has to decide if this boat has exonerated herself or not. Bring me the arguments you would use to convince your fellow Jury-members,

PS: Read the rule again before you answer!


  1. Does the pin end boat count as a "boat" for the purposes of the rule? I take it that by the diagram there are no other competing boats nearby? I think it comes down to whether or not the pin boat is a "boat" (and undefined word in the rules) and thus whether the infringing boat was "well clear" when they started their penalty

  2. At position 5 she is still touching the committee boat. She can begin her penalty turn after clearing the mark. Her turn (after position 5) did not include a tack, therefore she did not take the penalty. See also ISAF Case 108.


  3. I agree with Agnes. At position 5 she is still touching the mark and already on port. From that moment she has to start taking her one-turn-penalty.
    But, in any case, the rule requires a promptly (quickly) turn in the same direction and this means, from my point of view, a gybe and a tack in a uninterrupted manoeuvre.


    PS: A "boat" means a sailboat and the crew on board. See Terminology in the Introduction

  4. I agree with Agnes. The penalty turn including the tack has to be completed "after" the incident according to Rule 44.2. A tack taken while still in contact with the mark boat is "during" the incident, not "after" it.

  5. I would say, ‘No,’ for the following reason:

    - one tack and one gybe are required.

    - the boat hit the mark on starboard tack, came to a halt and was blown backward by the wind. In order to make way again the boat had to move away from the committee boat on port and was on port tack when they started the penalty turn. The turn included one gybe back onto starboard tack but not one tack back onto port.

    - I would not count that switch from starboard to port while the boat was in irons. It wasn’t sailing and tacking.

  6. I agree with those who say that the penalty is not taken and the boat has not exonerated herself.
    Also because:
    - the tack and the gybe must be 'in the same direction' according to 44.2.
    - for the purpose of taking a penalty, tacking is from close hauled to close hauled (MR-Call 8). I see no reason why that should not be the case for fleet racing.

  7. I say yes. She did start and then she hit on starboard tack, then tacked (wound up on) port tack, jibed to starboard tack and continued on. There is no evidence that she did not sail clear of other boats. I see no conflict with the location of the starting line.

  8. NO, she has not met the req’s of 44.2 as her ‘tack’ was during the act of hitting the pin boat, not ‘after getting well clear of other boats’.

  9. I'd say both could be correct because a key piece of info is missing. Is this the start line or the finish?

  10. @GoldBlog,
    You are, of course, absolutely right.
    Because this post followed the one about hitting the pin-end STARTING mark the previous day, I did forget to state that this is also a 'starting mark'.....


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