Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Testing, Testing.... end

I've been home for a couple of days and have taken some distance from the WPIR in Weymouth. It was an educational and interesting event, unlike anything I've done before. A very big jury, and on top of all the British volunteers, lot and lots of ISAF Officials.
For the number of athletes (competitors) an extraordinary amount of officials. But that is also Olympic I believe.

It does mean a lot of meetings and paperwork to get this large group of people work together according to the "official" sanctioned methods of LOCOG. I've had a glimpse of the guidelines book and it's very thick. Unfortunately it has also not been written by an ISAF IJ, IRO or IU.... With all the little problems surfacing, because of that.
The Jury worked around and with them as best as they could.

The computer system for the protests - for instance - worked, but was very inflexible and the protests could not be shown on the internet. Only shortened version of the 45 protests were published by ISAF. I hope that can be remedied in 2012.

We've done the testing, we've given our comments and recommendations, now I hope to see the ímproved  version also. But for that, I will have to invited back next year....
Decision not before the end of the year, or so I've been told....

I'do have some interesting cases to present, but will wait a couple of weeks before publishing about them....
Please be patient.... like I have to be.



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