Tuesday, 9 August 2011

`Little Help from my Friends'

Since the Stars and Finns have no scheduled race today, I was given a "lay day". No duties.
Therefore I've been catching up on mails and am doing some work in the garden of our hotel in Weymouth. I'm preparing a presentation for a rules clinic that I'm giving in a couple of weeks.

The basic question in that clinic I want to use is:
What is the main difference between Fleet and Match Racing?

The participators in the clinic will all be experienced Fleet racers, but with little or no experience in Match Racing. Hopefully they can pick up some pointers that not only will give them some insight in Match Racing but will also be beneficial for them in Fleet Racing.

Please give me your opinion on the basic question and tell me what you think the differences are?


  1. The big strategic difference between fleet and match racing is this: in fleet racing, the rules are a shield while in match racing they are a weapon.

  2. Fleet racen gaat over risico afwegingen: waar kan ik een klein beetje winst pakken of waar kan ik een geen groot verlies oplopen ten opzichte van mijn tegenstanders. Motto: ‘stay out of trouble’.

    Match racen gaat over controle: controle over de tegenstander, controle over de boot, controle over je zenuwen. Motto: ‘search for trouble’ en ‘No room for mistakes’

    Duidelijk is natuurlijk dat een tweede plaats bij fleet racen heel goed is, terwijl het niet slechter dan dat kan zijn bij match racen.

  3. Just a quick one packing for Chicago and Detroit.

    The start unusual sequence
    Dial up and holding the boat head to wind
    Time on distance from circling and fishtailing compared to the fleet start.

    Then no hunches, cover, cover , cover simple.

    You rarely get a flyer as the other boat should always be near.

    Rule on gybing.

    Finish first – winning is not everything but loosing is nothing (Bob Dylan)

    There is no consistency if you do not win.

    Let your flags bee seen!


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