Friday, 19 August 2011

ISAF Q&A 2011-017 B22

Besides the Q&A about loosing your sight, Matt posted about on Unruly, there was another Q&A this week:
ISAF Q&A 2011-017 B22: This one is about a boat hitting a pin end mark committee boat and [seriously] damaging it.

The Q part asks: Is rule 44.1 (b) applicable?

Before you read the answer, consider the options: If a boat has to retire after damaging a the race committee boat, it also applies to any other boat, houseboat, jetties or whatever you have on the water. Anything!

For the answer read: ISAF Q&A 2011-017 B22

And as usual there's also a new Booklet (August 2011) with all the (current)  Q&A's

1 comment:

  1. hi jos,

    my first impression was the same - i would have to be more careful while mooring my boat when coming back to the harbour ;)

    but then i read again rule 44.1 and realized that most jetties are neither boats racing nor marks, hehe..

    so, hunting season for houseboats is still open ;)

    best regards



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