Thursday, 4 August 2011

WPIR Day One, Two & Three

The first day we spent going over all the issues the Jury faces here in Weymouth. It’s a special event with things different then any other. Because it is the “Test” event for the Olympics next year, all the ITO’s (International Technical Officials) have one goal above anything else: Evaluate and suggest improvements or comment on anything that is going on here. In a slightly less way, that is also true for the competitors - no sorry, they are called athletes in this event. They also get to evaluate how things are done, to be prepared for the real thing, next year.

I had a look at the notice board today (see picture below). An idea that originated in the Greece Olympics, so I have been told. There they had several hexagonal boxes. Here a huge four sided box inside the Academy-building with windows that can be accessed from the inside and can be read from the outside is used. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

[I can’t publish a picture of the notice board, sorry > I’m not an accredited press person]

AccriWPIRThen there’s accreditation. All access depends on what you have around your neck. No card – no access. All members of the Jury, Race Officials, Umpires etc. are called ITO, which stands for: International Technical Official.






The first event to start are the boards (windsurfers). The RS:X-es have there practice race tomorrow. And then subsequently the other events have there races. Oooh, there are no classes here. For instance the Finn class sails in the Men’s One Person Dinghy (Heavyweight) event.

Better stop now – I have a lot of papers to go trough…


On the second day we did just that, going over all the paperwork and trying out the computer system. It will be visible on the website of the event as soon as we are getting protest and decisions are published…

For now we have to be content with some dummy-cases to try out the system.

Dinner around nine was very good, but I almost felt I had not earned my keep that day.


On the third day we went out to the practice races of the 470 and the lasers/laser radial. The RS:X started racing for keeps.

I’m now back at the ITO-lounge and am finishing this post.

We will have to see if the boards have any protest and deal with them if and when they come in.



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