Sunday 27 March 2011

Indian MR Sel. Trails 2011; Day Two

After day one, follows day two, right?
We had to wait a little longer for the afternoon sea breeze to kick in, and it was a little less windy than yesterday, but the RO did a good job and managed to do seven flights. Which brings our total up to 16 flights of 23

Some close fighting - some not so close, but because everybody was on the water (in a extra spectator boat for crews not sailing) the matches went like clockwork and seemed to enjoy themselves.

In the debrief we discussed some incidents and we did have some heated discussions, but not about rules or issues I need to tell about in this post. Save it to say, I have a question for you. One I had to look up in the rulebook to be sure.

What must happen if - for reasons unknown - one of the comeptitors and his crew does not come out on the water to sail? Now, no cheating, without looking it up, do you know the answer?

Ok, you can have a look in the rulebook.
It's in Appendix C.
If you are quick, your name will be the first commenter to get it right.


  1. Breaks C4

    Umps signal 8.2

    and DQ under C8.5


  2. C8.5 When, after one boat has started, the umpires are satisfied that the other boat will not start, they may signal under rule C5.4 that the boat that did not start is disqualified and the match is terminated.

  3. Fails to be outside the H at -2min. Penalty.

    Fails to enter within 2 min. Penalty.

    Fails to take a second penalty promptly: Third Penalty: DSQ

  4. The boat might be moored in the marina but still on her correct side of the H so the first penalty might not apply. She will fail to comply with C4.2 though and then have a black flag after the start in accordance with C8.5.


  5. As I understand it, this regatta is being run with fewer boats than competitors so presumably the boat is on the water with the old crew that have just sailed but no new crew to replace them.

    My guess is that you would black flag them at the time for failing to start under C8.5. However you would then investigate whether they had withdrawn and if so, skip any races where they are scheduled to race and score in accordance with C10.2 i.e. completed races stand (including black flags) but no score in the uncompleted races.


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