Tuesday 29 March 2011

Indian MR Sel. Trails 2011; Final Day

In very nice conditions with a nice breeze we sailed the semi finals, petit finals and finals today, for the Selection Trails in Match Racing in Mumbai
Of the final four contestants, three were very close in skills, so we almost needed all the races to decide who could be counted winner. At the very last race we did have a request for redress - one of the OCS flags was 3-4 seconds later then the other - but it did not have a serious influence on the outcome of the race. So the PC denied redress and the results stood. The happy winner Ayaz and his crew took a cooling bath to celebrate.

There were of course discussions about our umpire decisions. I am confident we did the best we could and have only one doubt. About a slam-dunk situation. I'll do some checking and will come back to it asap.
For the most part I think everybody was happy to have me here.

I'm back at my lodgings at the RBYC to shower, pack, eat a late dinner and go to the airport. My flight leaves at 01:10 hours.... Hopefully I can get some shutteye on the plane...

I've heard back from the Q&A-Panel. They changed the format so they could answer. I'll also write about that in a different post. It will be a long long Wednesday with four and a half extra hours.....


  1. Have a safe trip from hot India to cold Netherlands.
    Spring will come soon.
    Sen Yamaoka

  2. Everyone was indeed happy to have hosted you in Mumbai.The NU's especially!!!



  3. Everyone was indeed happy to have hosted you in Mumbai.The NU's especially!!!


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