Wednesday, 27 February 2008

ISAF Launches Introductory Rules For Racing

UPDATE 28/02/08
Due to overwhelming demand, the Experimental Version 1.01 of the Introductory Rules for Racing has been published on the ISAF website.
The one-page Introductory Rules for Racing, designed as a simple start point to competing on the water, are now available to download from the ISAF Training and Development microsite at (Alternatively click here to download the Introductory Rules.)

From the ISAF website:

Introductory Rules For Racing

In order to help newcomers to sailboat racing, ISAF have produced a one page set of Introductory Rules for Racing complete with some explanatory diagrams.
The aim of the Introductory Rules for Racing is simple; make as it easy as possible for people to start racing. Consequently the Introductory Rules are as basic as possible, although they remain compatible with the principles and fundamental rules in the full ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

Initially the Introductory Rules are experimental and ISAF invites organizations involved in race training to apply to trial the rules and to provide their comments and recommendations on them. It is hoped that the development of these Introductory Rules will progress sufficiently to make them generally available before the end of 2008.

The Introductory Rules are being developed as part of Objective 2 of the ISAF Strategic Plan to encourage new entrants to racing and to ensure the rules are not a barrier to participation. ISAF intend that people of all ages can race using these rules without needing any knowledge of the full RRS.

I've immediately applied for a set, because I think this is a great development. I will translate them asap for use in the youth sailing program of my local club.


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