Friday, 30 September 2011

ESS Act 7 Day Three; Nice, France

Light winds (luckily), short courses and as close to the shore as we could get. It forced us to go into "zone-umpiring" a couple of times to create as little wash as possible. We had a lot of calls for just plain port-starboard. With the low speed it was still possible to react at the last possible moment and keep clear. Just sometimes it wasn't enough. Overlaps at the gate with port and starboard downwind sailing Extremes 40's, became a mission, almost.

I had a good day.
The exclusion areas were not a problem for the sailing boats, but rather for all the team-ribs and media boats. I heard the Safety-rib on the radio several times ordering boats out of the swim-area. But not one sailing boat was penalised for it.

My notebook is getting page after page of situations. I'm saving them for a leaner time.
Tomorrow early day, we go racing half past EIGHT!


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