Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday Rules Snap: Venn Diagram

Some time ago Google search turned up this diagram:

It is a visual representation of the Racing Rules, concentrated around rule 18, 19 & 20
Each circle represents a specific 'obstacle' a boat can come across on a race course and the relation it has to that boat. For instance another boat (blue), an obstruction (light green), overlapped becoming a boat that is also an obstruction (dark blue).

I came across this in Scuttlebutt ( and mailed to the one who send it in. Alas, I never received a reply, so I'm using it as if it is in the public domain.

Want to know more about Venn Diagrams: go to
I'm working on a Venn Diagram for rules 10, 11, 12 & 13, but haven't found one that is accurate enough. Perhaps some of you can have a go?

I've returned home after a uneventful flight from Dublin to Amsterdam. Looking forward in sleeping in my own bed. Tomorrow I have an Appeals Committee meeting.....and then (Tuesday) travel to Trapani.


  1. I have never understood anything better by looking at a Venn diagram. They were invented to torture school children.


  2. @Wag
    I probably didn't go to the right school, because I never heard of them before now.
    The engineer/draftsman in me likes how simple the visualization of a complex set of rules can be made.

  3. I am normally a fan of Venn diagrams but I'm going to have to sit down for an hour or two with this one and a rule book to study all the options and really try and understand it!

  4. @ Tillerman
    I was hoping that this picture was doing the opposite.... Still have a lot of 'splaning to do, I see


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