Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Starring for a Hundred Years - 1911-2011

Due to the weather it is very difficult to get races done here in Dun Laoghaire. Yesterday we didn't go out at all, and today the Stars were send back in after only one race. In that race four boats lost the mast and had to be towed in. We are now down to 22 of the original 27.
You can have a look at the action by visiting:

After a long wait the Race Committee has decided to call it a day. The squalls keep getting in and the gusts are in the mid twenty range. Instead we will go out earlier tomorrow and do three races - weather permitting.

We're having some fundamental discussions in our group about all kinds of issues. I'm making notes and will get back to you on a few, but not right now.

The Star Class is celebrating it's hundred year anniversary, so for today I'll leave you with a picture out of the STAR Logbook 2011:

Are the Stars conforming to the guidelines in this drawing?
And did you know the red STAR class emblem on the sail may be changed according to your achievements into a Gold or a Silver Star?


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