Friday, 30 September 2011

IU TEST: Done and Passed

It took me 58 minutes to go trough the 50 page (and 50 questions) International Umpire Test. I didn't take the extra half an hour to go over it again - perhaps I should have. I passed, but with a lower score than I expected.

Most of my wrong answers were about procedural issues. Answering a Yankee flag with a Green/white before giving a umpire initiated penalty. Or giving the third yellow flag before giving a black flag.

I had only one straightforward wrong answer. I've been asked to not reveal the question and answer because there are only a limited number of questions. In another context I'll come back to it eventually.
Ooh, and I was to nice by not giving enough penalties > more black flags next time....

My score has been sent to ISAF, and I just received confirmation of receipt. All formalities have been done, so the committee can now give its verdict on my application at the November conference.

At the ESS today we go into 'stadium' racing. Very close to shore, as close as possible to the beach. That means we will have some exclusion zone lines to watch, with umpire initiated penalties if boats sail were they are not suppose to sail. We are using a part of the water that is normally reserved for swimming, so we cannot have boats run out of our area in fear of hitting a person in the water.

There were a lot of comments on my post the first day, with wildly varying answers. I'll sort those out and get back to it asap.


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