Friday, 2 September 2011

Fact Finding Friday Animation 11.6

Last weeks FFFA was only answered by one judge, hmmm
It is my own fault for not keeping up with the previuos FFFA's, I guess. I will try to sort out the mails and answer them, I promise....

This weeks animation is a little different. I've been experimenting with GIF and hope this works.
The episodes is titled:

Smiley's go Sailing

 Animation made from a Powerpoint presentation by Torgrim Log.
To see the whole PPS go HERE

Grey Smiley protests against Green Smiley for not giving her room for Orange Smiley
Orange Smiley protests Grey Smiley for not giving Mark- room
Pretty smart these Smiley's, don't you think?.

Give me the cold hard FACTS! (and a conclusion and decision)

I'm off to do a couple of protest at a National Championship (16 Kwadraat) and tomorrow I fly to Ireland for the Star European Championship.


  1. Facts:

    All boats enter the zone on the same tack. Green should stay clear of grey and grey should stay clear of orange. Moreover, grey should anticipate on suddenly luffing from orange to shoot the mark since orange is below the layline.

    Grey should anticipate on orange luffing hard and suddenly to round the mark. Therefore grey should have start luffing earlier to make room for orange. If green then would not have responded to grey's luffing, green should be DSQ. Now it seems that grey did not start luffing at the moment that orange was likely to go for the mark by shooting it. Grey should be penalized.

  2. Facts Found
    1. Orange tacks from port onto starboard, reaching her close hauled course just before reaching the zone around the windward mark.
    2. Green and Grey are also approaching the mark on starboard. Green reaches the zone overlapped, and advanced by about 1 metre, outside Grey, which is overlapped, outside and even with Orange.
    3. Grey holds a steady course to pass about 0.5m to windward of the mark.
    4. Green holds a steady course at least 1 metre to windward of Grey.
    5. When Green comes abeam of the mark, she is about 1.5 hull lengths from the mark.
    A. Green, overlapped to windward and outside, keeps clear of Grey and gives Grey sufficient room for Grey to give Orange mark-room as required by rules 11, 18.2(b) and Case 114.
    B. Grey, overlapped outside, does not give Orange mark-room to sail to the mark. Grey breaks rule 18.2(b).
    1. Grey is disqualified.
    2. Grey’s protest against Green is dismissed.

  3. FACTS:

    Orange, sailing on port, tacks half a boat length to leeward of Grey. Orange completes her tack outside of the zone and establishes an overlap inside of Grey and Green. Pink is clear astern of Orange, Grey and Green. Green enters the zone first, followed by Green then Orange (bit hard to tell from the GIF though). Neither Grey or Green alters course. Orange does not luff before hailing "protest". Orange and Grey both hail "protest".


    Orange is entitled to mark-room. Even though Pink and Green are in close proximity Grey makes no attempt to provide mark-room to Orange and therefore fails to give mark-room to Orange. Green fails to give mark-room to Grey.

    Penalize Grey and Green [RRS 18.2] which is disqualification if they did not retire.

    [GIF doesn't show if Orange's score is made worse because of the incident so no decision is given on redress]


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