Tuesday, 27 September 2011

ESS Act 7 Nice; France

I’ve arrived in Nice; France for Act 7 in the Extreme Sailing Series. Nice, warm and sunny, but alas no wind. For the next five days Windguru does not predict much change. Very light winds in the 5 knot range. Hopefully the weather guys have it wrong (G), this time. Anyway, there will be sailing.

During this event I’m doing my Umpire-Test. For those of you who don’t know, International Umpires have to renew their application every four years and before they are approved they have to pass a written test with a score of 78%. My first appointment was in November 2007, so in 2011 I had to renew. The form – with all my events – had to be sent before the first of September. That is done. Now I have to pass the test….

Multiple choice, about situations between boats regarding Part 2 rules. Native English speakers get one hour, others get an hour and a half. I’m doing this on Friday or Saturday, depending on the schedule, probably in the morning. I’ve been studying the Case-book and Rapid Response calls to prepare.

The tricky part in these kind of test is to know when to give a red flag penalty or a double penalty. All boxes must be correct before an answer is counted.

Wish me luck, please.


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