Thursday, 1 September 2011

ISAF Standard Sailing Instructions for Match Racing: Update August 2011

The ISAF Standard Match Race Sailing Instructions have been updated:
  • The most important change is an interpretation of 8.6(b) to make it clear that this principle should also be used for the purpose of tie breaks in an incomplete round robin.
  • There is a minor change to 10.3 course limits, in that it is now clarified that the limitations apply to the boat's hull only.
  • The last change is to the list of what competitors are allowed to bring on-board and use.ISAF has  added PFD's to the list when not supplied by the OA.
You can download the Word document from this page:
Or if you want the doc directly: StandardSailingInstructionsMatchRaceAugust2011-[11007].doc


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