Sunday, 18 September 2011

Starting penalty in ESS Trapani

Pindar on port miscalculated her bear away to go behind Alinghi. Result: contact with serious damage.
This happened right at the start of race 33 in Trapani.

So now we could test out our new 30 seconds 'starting penalty'.
Pindar in the box for race 34. Well, we will have to rethink the whole idea. It is not enough! Pindar crossed the line half a minute after the others, but all the way at the pin on port, with full speed.
That took the first 15 seconds of the penalty off, so Pindar was in the fleet on the second leg. She didn't get all the way to the front but certainly wasn't last.

Alinghi, who came for redress, which we granted, made an interesting observation as well. By putting the boat in last position at the start it wasn't an opponent for the frontrunners anymore. Not a boat they had to keep clear off or who could take their wind.

Like I said, a rethink is necessary.
Do you have any suggestions?
And please, not a points penalty. ....

I will write a FTBD-post when I get back home. Most likely not before Tuesday.


  1. You could base the penalty on all, or part of, the fleet having moved a certain distance up the course. RC would fly a "penalty flag" during which all boats subject to the starting penalty must keep clear of the non-penalized boats. Lower the "penalty flag" once "enough" boats have moved the requisited distance up the first leg. You can refine the number of boats, the exact distance, etc. Once lowered the penalized boats can start. An early start by a penalized boat while the penalty flag is flying would be considered immediate DSQ.

  2. Jos, what's about a pre-finishing box on the port side. Like a penalty turn before finishing, they shall go to the finishing box for 30 seconds for each infringment and when they leave it, they are on port and have to keep clear from all starboard tackers finishing, no mark room for the
    boat leaving the pre-finishing box


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