Thursday, 19 June 2008


For all of you who are looking for situations to sharpen you umpire skills, have a look at the 32nd America's Cup Official web site and specifically at the part about AC Umpires.
Among other things you'll find a page with pdf-files about all the incidents.
Including a TSS- diagram, facts found and the call made.
The acts have their own file. For instance: TSS Reports Louis Vuitton Acts 1-10 (red: no longer available)
Please remember that the situations are resolved with the RRS as altered for the AC. I'm not sure the changes are because of the possibilities in the DOG or because this (was) is a special event, and ISAF has given permission to do so. Anyway, there are some changes. So don't be put of if the answer does not always is what you expect.
A good way to really get to the heart of the matter is to write down your own set of facts, using only the diagram and give a call. Only then, have a look at what actually happened.
Oh, TSS doesn't have to be boring: All teams have their own color!
ETNZ= light green; Alinghi= Brown; BMWO= Orange etc.
Even the fleet race calls are logged:


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