Friday, 20 June 2008


Today straight after work I'm driving to Kiel Germany to join the International Jury for KIEL WEEK 2008. It's about 5 hours to drive from my home. But because first Jury-meeting is scheduled 09:30 hours I'd rather drive today then get stuck in traffic tomorrow morning - when everybody is going to Kiel - and risk being late.

Blogging will be a little irregular in the coming week, since I haven't found time to prepare a lot of scheduled posts. Please bear with me. I'm sure I'll bring back lot's of interesting protest for you to consider.

The Jury this year will be a little bigger then usual (this is my fourth year going) because the OA of Kiel Week has decided to do a womans match race event as part of their Olympic part (second half)
I've not been selected as an umpire, so I might miss that, but I'll try to get involved for one day if possible. If not, I'm sure my fellow umpires will keep me up to date - I'm staying in a house with three of them.

Also new this year are the Farr 40's and the X35 are coming back for their second year.
Both are separate events, but the IJ covers them all.
You can see the whole shabang here


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