Saturday, 7 June 2008

Team Race Ladder for Match Racing

In a post on March 4th I asked for your help in getting a Match Race schedule together for a large number of teams: Twenty four teams; six boats and two days. Today we are having this event and I've managed to get a schedule that will give everybody an equal chance of winning. Instead of using the traditional Round Robin system, we are going to use a 'ladder' system developed for Team racing.

The teams are set up in order of competence: best teams on top, lesser teams at the bottom and then numbered one trough eighteen. With 6 boats we sail flights of three matches. F1M1: Team 1 against Team 2, F1M2: Team 3 against Team 4, F1M3: Team 5 against Team 6. Then there's a crew change. Flight two: F2M1 Team 7 against Team 8 etc, etc, until all eighteen teams have completed this first ladder.
Winners in each match earn one point and move up one rung on the ladder
Losers don't get a point and go down one rung on the ladder.

In ladder Two the first Match in Flight 4 is WinnerF1M1 against Winner F1M2.
F4M2: Winner F1M3 against Loser F1M1. F4M3: Winner F2M1 against Loser F1M2 etc, etc.
This Ladder is again completed and the process repeats it self.
I've made a schedule, perhaps that will clarify this a little better: This picture is after Ladder 2 has been sailed and shows the 'to sail' matches in ladder 3.
I'll report back on how things are going after today.


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