Sunday, 1 June 2008

Lugano Extreme Luck

Just a quick update on this fine Sunday morning in Lugano. Fine in a sense that it looks like another fine sunny day but, like yesterday, no promise of a decent wind. The lake is flat like a mirror!

We did four races yesterday in very fluky conditions. The only female skipper sailing on JPMorgan, seemed to thrive in those circumstances. In one of the races she started late but made a daring and bold move to go inside the row of mooring buoys, to get back in the race. We all expected her to stall on one of the many lines going from buoys to the jetty. But she pulled it off. Not once, but twice!
Team Aqua didn't need more encouragement and followed her in, after the second time.... And yes, stalled on the lines in front of the public grandstand! Shirley must have the luck of the.....

I'll be back home late this evening and hopefully can find some time to answer mails and comments tomorrow.


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