Thursday, 5 June 2008

Blue and S - together?

A short post today. A question for all RO's:

PRO Gerlof van Wieren on the roof of the starting vessel

The course is shortened at the windward mark and the committee boat signals this with hoisting flag S with two sound signals when the first boat is still a good 200 meters away.
Should the committee boat also hoist the Blue flag or not?

Please give me your opinion and the reason why.


  1. According to RRS 32, for shortening the course the blue flag is not mandatory. However it might help less experienced sailors, e.g. club race level etc., to understand the RC's decision. The absence of the blue flag will not be ground for redress.
    Stefan Zlot

  2. No,
    The S flag says finish between this staff and the nearby mark (or gate etc).
    The Blue flag says the RCV is on station for the finish, which is repeating what the S flag is signalling.
    There is no need to use two flags when one flag gives a clear message.

  3. NO! The S flag means to "Finish between the nearby mark and the staff displaying this flag" Flying the blue flag also would be redundant and perhaps confusing. 2 points for the boat end of the line.

  4. Race Management Manual gives no guidance.

    I think that CV SHOULD fly blue flag when on station, although there is no improper action if it does not.

    Blue Flag means CV is in position on the finish line (but not, unless specified in the SI, between blue flag and adjacent mark)

    Decision to shorten can be made and signalled before CV is in position on the finish line. The signals are, to a degree, independent.


  5. No blue flag here.

    The committee boat is not on the finishing line as defined in the sailing instructions, where the finish is probably between an orange (often blue) flag and the finish mark.

    Here the finish looks different, the mark to the "S".

    Mike B IRO


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