Friday, 27 June 2008


Just to let you know, I haven't been gone from the planet, just moved to downtown Kiel for the match racing. This year Kiel has, as the first grade 1 event, a woman Match Race event. This because of the ISAF choice to do match racing for the Olympic Event in 2012.
It's been a lot of fun, but also difficult. Downtown Kiel is filled with tourists and we travel to and from the venue by shuttleboat from Schilksee, where the big sailing event is held.
Together with some of the teams we embark at 09:00 hours to be in downtown Kiel at 10:00.
Short briefing and racing at 11:00. Difficult for all, not in the least for the race officer, because that part of the water is crawling with boats, big and smal, bigger and normal and very, very big, like the ferry to Norway. In between we have a short course and race with streamlines.
Obstructions in all kinds and shapes.
Today we finished the round robin (15 Fligths and 45 matches) and tomorrow we'll continue with simi-finals and finals.
I'm filling my notebooks so will have more cases and studies for you later.
I'm seeing lots of interest in the first protest, already...
More later....
I'm back home sunday - very late - so hope to resume normal posting monday or tuesday.


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