Monday, 28 July 2008

Duisport Cup 2008

Returned yesterday from Duisburg where I was participating as an Umpire in the Duisport Cup 2008. Unfortunately the wind abandoned us the whole weekend. No sailing!

We were suppose to do some match racing in one of the side channels of the Rhine, practically under the Friedrick-Ebert bridge. The Rhine itself cannot be used because of a strong current, I'm guessing 4 knots at least.
We did one start (on Saturday) but had to abandon after a couple of minutes after entry, because of an approaching thunderstorm. So we all spent both days on shore, talking, drinking coffee and water, occasionally taking cover because of the rain. There were some diversions with the fair, some nice water skiing from the local promotion team and lots and lots of boats. I even managed to scare up a mermaid for David from Never Sea Land, but no sailing.
Disappointing for all, sailors - coming from six nations - organizers and public, nevertheless I met some very nice people and had a good time!


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