Saturday, 12 July 2008

Holland - Friesland Teamracing 2008

Later today I'm off to go to the "Kaag" for some umpiring at the Holland - Friesland Team races.
These races are done in Regenbogen (Rainbows), the yachts you see on the front picture of this blog. Traditionally it's done with five against five, which makes keeping score a particular difficult issue. When is a team in a winning position?
In able to see this I've plasticized a Excel-sheet with possible winning and losing scores. You can download a copy here: Team-zeilen winst of verlies kaart.xls

New this year is, that after calculating the score for each race, the winning team is awarded one point. With six planned races, a possible tie will be sailed off by a seventh. Makes it a little more equal.
I'm suppose to be unpartial as an umpire and will flag (hopefully) without any prejudice, but being from Friesland, I can't but hope that team will win this year. (We haven't for a long time.....)


  1. Hello Jos,
    Now the scoring is so – like in tennis in sets – that the overall winner is the team with the most won races (with ignoring the margin in every individual race), I wonder how the practice will be. Can you publish a little report? With an analysis of the difference between the results under this system and the old one: just adding up the points of all races.
    Thank you so much.
    Adriaan Pels.

    P.S.Take care you have enough sleep.

  2. It always comes out differently then you think:
    results: Saturday H 2- F 0
    race one Holland 24 - Friesland 31
    race two Holland 24 - Friesland 31
    Sunday H 4 - F 0
    race three Holland 24 - Friesland 31
    race four Holland 26 - Friesland 29
    Difference in points:
    Holland 98 - Friesland 122 = 24

    With two races to go Friesland can not win this event anymore.
    If the "old" point system had been used that would still be possible with enough difference in finishing positions.
    F 1,2,3,4 & 5 = 15
    H 6,7,8,9 & 10 = 40
    Difference 25 points.
    A long shot I know, but still a chance.

  3. Thank you Jos. I’m always interested in the different score systems in sports. I wonder why some have games, sets, legs et cetera, and others just count the points made. And some change from one to the other (billiards, and now your team racing). It is difficult to understand the reasons as others stick to their system. When you analyze the blood-curdling Wimbledon final you see 6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7, Nadel scored 209 points in total and Federer 204. Not a big difference in both systems and in line with the real match. And the same winner. I think it interesting, but do not know why. One of my unexplainable hobbies. Just like my interest for rules (football, hockey, golf, yacht racing and others) while I do not play football, hockey, golf, sail, judge, umpire or whatever.
    One question: now Holland is the winner, do they nevertheless sail race 5 and 6?
    Adriaan Pels


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