Saturday, 19 July 2008

Link list for Week 29

For today a couple of interesting links for you to visit:


Starting, a link to a blog by Ewan McEwan, a fellow judge, umpire and a friend. Currently Ewan is in China as a rules-adviser for the China Team during the Olympics. You can read his insights and comments on his second blog: Ewan McEwan. Today he has a post about: Lots of 'zones' here in Qingdao, CHN


My Google alert on Racing Rules of Sailing pinged a rules question by Jim Hawkins on the Grafham Water Sailing Club web site: right of way rules on rounding a leeward mark.


I received an Email from ISAF drawing my attention to the LAST IJ Seminar which will use the current rule book 2005-2008. It is the one in Belgium; The KBYV (Royal Belgian Sailing Federation, in cooperation with ISAF and VYF) organizes a ISAF International Judge seminar and (the last) ISAF IJ TEST over the 2005-2008 racing rules. The seminar will take place in the Sports hotel in Bloso Ghent Belgium from Friday 24 until Sunday 26 October 2008. Go to the ISAF webpage or have a look at the Official Programme.


Finally a link to the Live Sail Die blog. Tom 'Johnsee' Johns wrote me an E-mail:

Hi Jos,
An avid long time reader and National Umpire in Australia. I also run an Aussie based sailing web site called Live Sail Die. I posed a Team Racing question to our readers that came up in discussion between umpires and judges at our recent schools Australian championship. The situation IS straight out of the call book, but I just can't agree with the call. I'd love to have your take on it:
Keep up the awesome work!

I'll have a go at his question later this weekend. ________________________________________________________________


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