Thursday, 17 July 2008

Olympic Green Redress?

Qingdao Olympic regatta venue cleared of green algae

"Now that we have established that the request is valid, please tell the jury your case" the chairman said.

"Well, sailing today in race 2 we were in first place" the sailor started. After rounding the first windward mark we went left" He continued: "After sailing halfway down the leg we encountered seaweed on the water"

"Seaweed?" asked the chairman.

"Yes, that green algae, which was suppose to be cleared from the water by the OA" the sailor answered.

"We tried to get out of the patch immediately, but we had to clear our rudder three times before is was gone" He added: "I don't know how much got stuck on the centerboard"
"We lost five places in the second leg, it really slowed us down for several minutes, and we never got our original speed back the whole race"

The chairman turn to the representative of the organization: "What is you comment to this?"

The representative turned to the translator and rapidly gave off several sentences.
"All the algae has been cleared from all the waters" the translator began: "there should be no influence on the sailing by seaweed"

"We have done all that is possible to get all the green algae out out the area and there has been no breach in the barriers surrounding the Olympic sailing waters" the translator continued.

The chairman looked back to the sailor: "Do you have any questions?"

The sailor said nothing. He bent down and picked up a plastic bag from between his feet.
Reaching inside he came out with a handful of slimy green mass which he put on the table in front of the representative.

"I got this from the front of the centerboard when we got our boat on shore after the race" the sailor stated.
"Please tell me what this is?".......

I was just wondering if the Olympic Sailing Instructions should exclude redress on this bases.


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