Friday, 18 July 2008

FTBD (8)

Another month has gone by. A little shaky on the blog front. Due to some personal circumstances, I haven't been able to give writing my full attention.
Too much struggling to get new subjects, ideas and posts. Not enough research and almost no progress in the projects. And - which I regret the most - not enough attention to comments...
I will try to do better, but am very pressed for time - specially since some of the annual events where I'm actively involved, are in the coming months.
Perhaps you can help me a little with this?
I'm sure all of you have a multitude of stories about the rules and your dealings with them. In the Protest room, on the water, talking to sailors or to officials. You must have had situations where you though, I wish I could ask someone about this.
Or, how would someone else handle this?
Why can't I make this work?
Maybe: This works! I should tell others about this.
I never thought about that rule this way...
I know I have had these questions. Actually still have. Why not write some of them down and sharing them with others? I would welcome your stories very much. Don't worry about writing in perfect English, if that might hold you back. I'm sure I can help you with that. And as long as you talk about your problem, experience or question, I'm sure other readers will understand.
Send them to my mail address (see sidebar/contact button), I will post them on the blog - anonymously if you prefer - or with your name, just as you like.


  1. Jos,
    Your suggestion (request) is a good one. I think it will add a lot to the blog.
    What do you use to create the diagrams that you post for the different problems (situations) that you have presented? Is it available for others to use?

    You should not feel you need to apologize because you can not devote more time to the blog. You are doing a very good service to the sailing community. You idea for input will make it better.

  2. Thanks Grant,

    The program I use for the diagrams is Tactical Sailing Situations.
    TSS for short, made by Henri Peronneau.

    Go to:
    and you can download an evaluation version.

    I'm looking forward to your stories...


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