Wednesday, 27 July 2011

40 year old Norwegian rules in the AC34?

One of my readers provided a link to a site with simplified Match Race rules for taking a penalty: (thanks G J!)
According to the text already in use by the local clubs on the Inner Oslofjord since the 1970s.
An exerp:

15.1: It will be umpiring in accordance with RRS App.C, deleting the system in RRS App. C 7.2, C 8 and C 9, and adding: A penalised boat shall always exonerate herself as soon as possible, on the same leg as the opponent, by crossing the extended midship-line astern of the other boat, with any part of her hull, crew or equipment in normal position.

15.2: RRS App. C 10.2 regarding RRS 31, is altered to: " No penalties for mark touching with only one boat within the two-length zone (applies even to starting marks). "

The complete rules you can find here:

Did I not read something similar in the new AC34 rules?

You can read the complete rules here:  RRS AC 43 Edition

In both rules the basic idea is to put the infringing boat behind the other....

In nine day's the sailing world will see if this 40 year old idea is working on the most innovative competing racing boats on the planet....


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