Tuesday, 26 July 2011

WPIR Test Event Preparations

As I've posted earlier, I'm going to Weymouth next week for the Olympic Test Event. Its official name is Weymouth and Portland International Regatta 2011 (WPIR for short).

The website has been opened and on it all the essential documents have been published. NoR, SI, Coach boat regulations, Entry list, etc., etc. I'm currently studying those, to be well prepared. You can find them at:
http://www.sailing.org/london2012/2011-test-event.php and then click on Documentation.

You can imagine that this event is regarded by ISAF (and also the RYA) as a very imported regatta to test out all the features for the Olympics next year. Members of the jury have been instructed as if it were 2012. I've been asked questions that I never before had to answer in preparation. A complete form on Conflict of Interest based on ISAF regulation 34 for instance.

Conflict of Interest
34.1 A conflict of interest exists when an ISAF Race Official has, or reasonably appears to have, a personal or financial interest which could affect the official’s ability to be impartial.
34.2 When an ISAF Race Official is aware of a conflict of interest, he/she shall decline an invitation to serve at a regatta at which an International Jury is appointed.
34.3 When the ISAF Race Official has any doubt whether or not there is a conflict of interest, the ISAF Race Official shall promptly consult the ISAF, prior to accepting the invitation and be bound by its decision.
34.4 When, at an event, an ISAF Race Official becomes aware of a conflict of interest, the official shall disclose the potential conflict to the International Jury which shall take appropriate action.
Now I suspect questions based on this regulation will be asked a lot more in the future, but nevertheless it highlights the special nature of this regatta.

Second issue will be my blogging. Although the official letter has not yet reached me, I've been given a set of guidelines about what I can and cannot blog about. I sort of already followed these guidelines, more or less, but sometimes I slipped and wrote a too critical or too inaccurate post. I expect to be given a clear guideline for the WPIR - since it is on the agenda of the first jury meeting. I will do my utmost to stay within these 'rules', but that will mean I cannot post about a matters still for the jury - or about 'inside' information.

Nevertheless I will endeavour to keep you in the loop...


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