Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Regional Finals Nationscup, Match Race; Gdynia, Poland; Day 0 – Practise day.

Arriving one day earlier has the benefit that you can acclimate al little before the tournament begins. It is actually a short event – only three days, but we have ten competitors in the Open event and seven in the Woman’s. That means a full program for those three days. We are with fourteen umpires on two courses, plus two. With three matches in each flight we need an extra driver to be able to have a wing-boat on both courses.

Because of the qualifying nature of this Regional Final, we do need to have two winners at the end. They are going to the Nationscup Finals.

We have planned a full round robin for the Open Event followed by a short knockout stage for two Semi Final spots. The winner and runner up of the RR automatically qualify for the Semis.

The Woman event will do two round robins and then go to Semis and Finals.
Those are planned on Saturday for both.

Today I worked on some personal stuff and had a look at the Sailing Instructions. You would think that those are pretty much flawless by now, wouldn’t you. It is amazing how many little things still are to be found that potentially can create problems. And – when has it ever been otherwise -  there’s always the way things should be ‘interpreted’

I’m a big supporter of standard Sailing Instructions!


  1. j.spijkerman@solcon.nl20 July 2011 at 22:28

    Have a nice time and the greetings from your brother. It was a nice weekend with the flitsen -Jan-

  2. Eric Lind, Michigan, USA22 July 2011 at 21:42

    Jos – couldn’t agree with your last sentence more!!! USSailing is big on training their RO’s to write ‘proper’ SIs yet many of the one design groups that I work with seem to think that they have a better way of doing things. I’ve recently taken the stance that if the USSailing way of doing things is not good enough then they can look for another RO. However, even the USSailing Championships have some SI templates that contradict many of the principles that we are taught at their seminars. Go figure!!! – enjoy your blog, keep up the good work,


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