Friday, 22 July 2011

RF ISAF Nationscup; Gdynia, Poland, Day 2

NationsCupGenericLogo_360 The weather predictions were wrong!
We had a very good sailing day with enough wind to finish the round robins in both events. It did mean we had a long day on the water, but we are all happy we will have all day tomorrow to sail only the semi-finals and finals.

In the Woman’s event NED, POL, GBR and DEN will sail for the first four places, and in the Open event the same four nations are qualified to sail. The winner of the round robin(s) in each event will choose his/her opponent and the one who gets three points will go to the finals. The other two sail against each other and will also have to win three points to go trough.

I’m not involved in umpire pairing and assignment in this event, but already know that for any match with a Dutch team I will not be umpiring.

Not that that would make any difference for me, but to avoid any sort of bias (positive or negative), the same nationalities in teams and umpires are usually avoided in this stage of the event.

Please forgive me for not having a rules issue this post – I’m beat and can hardly keep my eyes open. I’ll get back to it next time.

In the mean time, have you answered yesterday’s question?


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