Sunday, 24 July 2011

RF ISAF Nationscup; Gdynia, Poland, Day 3 & End

Yesterday we sailed the final day of the Regional Qualifier in Gdynia with good conditions. Steady increasing breeze and all races done and dusted. Today I’ve travelled back home and am now catching up on my desk computer.

In the Open event the Polish team was first, followed by GBR and NED. In the Woman’s Event first prize went to NED, second to Poland and third to GBR. A good result with close fought matches. All in all a very good event. ISAF informed us and the competitors that the first TWO in each event will go to the Finals in the USA.

Foto0165 Foto0174

During one of the matches we gave a penalty to one of the boats. I’ve been trying to recreate the situation in Boat Scenario, but the program was not designed for this. You need to look very, very closely to figure out what happened. Besides the animation I’ve also uploaded the actual Boat Scenario file: Perhaps if you play it on your on computer, things will be clearer.

This is the animation:

110723 MR13 Gdynia3

And here is the file: 110723 MR13 Gdynia3.xbs

Please give me your opinion which flag the umpire have to show. They find as fact that one of the boats in situation 6 is not keeping clear, so Green/White should not be your choice, unless you really do not know.

Good luck.

Oooh, I’ll not straight away publish all comments, so people have a change to make up there own minds.


  1. Yellow penalty unless at position 5 Blue was adjudged to have passed through head to wind.

  2. Yellow should be penalized!

  3. Have not replied to one of your rules situations, however, I will give this one a try. I have not looked at my rule book as an umpire would not be able to do so.

    In position 1 B is ROW - clear ahead. B luffs creating an overlap to leeward. As the overlap was not created from clear astern, 17 is not in play and would not anyway as this situation is prior to the start, no proper coarse. B was ROW under 12 and now 11 and as ROW did not change, 15 is not in play and Y is keeping clear thru position 4. B also gave Y room to keep clear so 16 was not broken by B. This leave 11. Y by her own actions closes the gap in positions 5 and 6 while B holds her coarse. First thought is Y breaks 11, failing to keep clear in position 6. However, B can alter away from Y without immediately making contact, so I might think Y is keeping clear. Also, Y does not have to give B the right to also alter to windward to keep clear as this would change the ROW to 13 for B, however, with your fact that a boat is not keeping clear in position 6, Y brakes 11. As B now bears away and Y passes head to wind 13 is now the governing rule in position 7 and Y does not appear to brake 13, however, as green is not an option for the umpire in your question, I would penalize Y. This seems too simple, so I must be missing something.

  4. @Anonymous & Sen
    Try again
    Good analysis. But like the other two you have to go back to position 4...See today's post and try again.

  5. After first watching the animation, I thought ping yellow. Having had my attention drawn to position 4, I see blue passes head to wind and so is on port or is tacking. Blue does not keep clear when yellow bears away at 5, yellow has to avoid at 6. Ping Blue.

    The animation might be less clear than what happened on the water. If I saw 'the animation on the water', I should not be sure blue had passed head to wind so that I should say she had not.


  6. Ok, we penalaised blue as a tacking boat not keeping clear.

  7. If at position 4 both boats go through head to wind and therefore are "tacking" - rule 13 states that blue should be penalised (boat on the other's port side).

  8. In answer to all comments in this and the post after this one; Most of you have found the difficulty. Is Blue tacking or is she not?
    The animation does not allow me to put the sail clearly on the other side (before filling up on the wrong side).
    Anonymous (2)in the next post does have a point. Umpires must go with the last point of certainty. If hey decide Blue is tacking then Blue is not keeping clear.
    If they decide Blue is not, the Yellow is not keeping clear.
    On the water your look for the obvious signs; boom across the middle, gib blowing to the other side... before deciding. Sometimes the sailors are not aware that they are passing head to wind.
    Even if the boat does not change direction but the wind does, they can suddenly be tacking boat.
    Something to be aware of each time you are trying to keep your boat head to wind.


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