Monday, 25 July 2011

Yesterdays Post Zoomed

Yesterday's post has generated a couple of comments. I've approved them, so you can read for yourself.
Unfortunately the animation is not clear enough, something I already feared.
I've attached a new picture, zoomed in at position 3 and 4. This should give you a HINT what happened.

Please give me your opinion which flag the umpire have to show.
They find as fact that one of the boats in situation 6 is not keeping clear, so Green/White should not be your choice, unless you really do not know.

Please try again.


  1. Ah... I would have said what Tom said in the last comment section. But looking at the zoomed in photo: at position 4, blue is no longer head to wind and is tacking on port. Yellow is then right of way on starboard and when she starts to sail on, blue needs to keep clear. Yellow gives blue room to keep clear, blue doesn't immediately respond, then becomes a starboard boat again but is tacking, blue isn't able to keep clear, and yellow has to avoid. Pen Blue.

  2. I stand by my original answer. Yellow penalty unless Blue is judged to be tacking. However I cannot see anything, even in this 'blown up'diagram to show that Blue is clearly tacking. Yes her boom has slightly crossed the centreline but this by itself is insufficient to be certain. Therefore last point of certainty is that she isn't tacking.

  3. If blue in pos4 is tacking boat (as it may be visible on this drawing) the situation is clear. Than yellow is still on starboard and have to take an action to avoid contact with blue. Penalize blue.

  4. In answer to all comments in this and the post before this one; Most of you have found the difficulty. Is Blue tacking or is she not?
    The animation does not allow me to put the sail clearly on the other side (before filling up on the wrong side).
    Anonymous (2) does have a point. Umpires must go with the last point of certainty. If hey decide Blue is tacking then Blue is not keeping clear.
    If they decide Blue is not, the Yellow is not keeping clear.
    On the water your look for the obvious signs; boom across the middle, gib blowing to the other side... before deciding. Sometimes the sailors are not aware that they are passing head to wind.
    Even if the boat does not change direction but the wind does, they can suddenly be tacking boat.
    Something to be aware of each time you are trying to keep your boat head to wind.


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