Thursday, 21 July 2011

RF ISAF Nationscup; Gdynia; Day 1

Actually it was not a full match race day at all. We had no wind to start with!

After waiting on the water for almost two hours we went back to the harbour, hoping the sea breeze would fill in in the beginning of the afternoon. It didn’t. But we did get wind from the North and managed to sail five flights on the Open event and four in the Woman’s, before debrief, dinner and the official opening ceremony.

As a rules issue I’m going to ask you the following question that came up during the debrief; Provided that there is no restriction in setting the spinnaker pole in the SI, what can a right of way boat do and what can it not do, if the spipole is set but has swung out to an angle of ninety degrees from the mast – actually almost doubling the width of the boat?

You will have to look at the casebook and give me a relevant case to support your answer.

Tomorrow we will try to finish the round robin – ten flights, running late if necessary.


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