Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Clubsailing 2008 at KWV Langweer

In my region the local representatives of my MNA set up a competition for clubs some years ago.
It gives members of clubs the opportunity to experience racing without having to own a sailboat by using boats from local sailing schools and companies who rent out boats, for a minimum charge. (We pay € 5,- per boat for the evening to cover insurance)

It is hugely popular, with at the moment four divisions of each five teams in three boats.
In the spring and early summer each club in a division does one evening with two races.
Yesterday evening my club KWV Langweer did this year's races in nearly perfect conditions. Nice breeze, open water, almost no other boats and very sportive and fair racing.

I've uploaded some pictures to my Flickr account, so you can have a look.

Like I said each team has three boats and the points for each boat is added up to get a team result. We don't do Appendix D (team racing rules) because for these beginning sailors the rules for fleet racing are complicated enough.
With in total 5 evenings that adds up to 10 races. Depending on the total, after a final evening with all divisions together, you can promote to the next division or be degraded to a lower one.
Last year our team promoted to division two and this year they had a hard time getting good enough results to stay in. Not yesterday. My team scored a second and a first place. Well done!


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