Sunday, 18 May 2008

'Flog the Blog' Day (6)

18 November 2007 - 18 May 2008

Half a year = 6 months = 26 weeks = 183 something days > 250 posts and counting. I think this counts as an anniversary on the "living web", don't you?

When I started out with blogging I was approached by Jarret (of The Good Old Boat Redwing) in the second month, asking me if I wanted to participate in an article he was writing for Good Old Boat magazine. He wanted to write an article about boat blogging and included me in his short list with Edward of EVK4 SuperBlog, Bonnie of frogma, Tillerman of Proper Course, and the guy who runs tugster. Since I was only just starting, I felt very flattered to be included in such illustrious company and agreed.

Unfortunately it has been four months since then and despite a positive initial response from the magazine, nothing has happened. Jarret mailed me this week that the magazine had a change of tack since then and he's exploring other avenues....

I gave answers to eight questions he asked. For this anniversary of LTW, I thought I would go back to his questions, give you an insight on how this all started and see if my answers had changed. Some of them have, but also some of them are still true.

If you are interested in blogging, please read on and click on the link below, but be warned, this post is about just that, no rules involved. Well, not the rules from the RRS anyway.

Read more in:
All about Look To Windward in eight questions & answers


  1. jos-

    good answers. good luck with your blog. ik ben de vendt van tugster. ik kan heel moelijk hollandse scrijven, maar ik doet het wel. sorry for my terrible spelling. i have a friend who is starting a blog soon, and will give her the link to this post. good luck. my people come from delft and arhem... river people. tot ziens
    will aka tugster

  2. Dank je wel, Will
    Helemaal niet slecht gedaan, hoor!

    Your friend is more than welcome.
    What's her blog going to be about?

  3. Hi Jos,

    Nice article! The most admirable so far is your drive, I think.

    I find it difficult to keep up my motivation with so little feedback, but you seem to have a lot of fun just writing. Keep up the good work and maybe I'll rejoin you after a while.


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