Friday, 9 May 2008

Windows Live Writer test post

Hmmm, just downloaded Windows Live Writer and am testing it, to see if this is a good program to make posts. First impression are promising. It has created a identical style (lettering, colors, background) as my blog and even follows the width of a post to the exact px.

I can preview the post as it would appear on the blog. This is already much easier than tweaking it, by first publishing it, check it on the blog and then editing it again, sometimes several times.

I can insert a picture:OVER

Give that picture a link:

And already I have a workable post!

In case you are wondering about the picture, follow the link to the Sailing Anarchy Forum and all will be revealed. Some great pictures and captions over there!

Something new, inserting a table:

10 25 On Opposite Tacks
11 25 On the same Tack, Overlapped
12 25 On the same Tack, Not Overlapped
13 26 While Tacking


All seems to be working fine. Remains the actual posting... Here goes.


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