Monday, 19 May 2008

LTW R18 Case Studies | 1

This week (from tomorrow) I'll be participating in Jury of the Delta Lloyd Regatta. That means I will have limited time to work on the blog. I will no doubt scribble a lot in my Notebook, but am not sure I can make posts.

To keep you "occupied" I've prepared and scheduled 5 posts with Case Studies about Rule 18. The questions/test was made by Leif Nybom from Finland a couple of years back. He also send me the Rule 17.2 situation in Breaking a rule or not breaking a rule?

E-mailing with Leif he told me these were part of a rules clinic and there was no answer sheet. We will have to come up with the answers all by ourselves. So leave your comments.
I've put the questions in PDF-files: LTW R18 Case Studies Part 1.pdf

Good luck


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