Friday, 23 May 2008

ISAF Q&A 2008-003

A new Q&A has been published on the ISAF Website: Q&A 2008-003

I have never heard of a case like this, but someone must have, otherwise it wouldn't have been up there.

This Q&A answers a couple of questions about a boat who wants to rescind an already handed-in retirement. For instants after she has subsequently has discovered that she hadn't broken a rule. The actions and non-actions of the RC and the PC are discussed. Good Q&A actually

I find also interesting that the expiration date of this Q&A is 1 January 2013.
Which makes it valid until the end of the next rule-cycle. Usually Q&A's have a "shelflive" of a year. I'm still wondering what the actual meaning of that date below all the Q&As is. In the policy it is states that after the expiration date, Q&As either have to be included in the next rulebook or considered for a new call or discarded. But the ones from 2001 are still up there! Are they still valid? Or are they expired? Why keep then up there? So what's the deal?

With this new date of 1 January 2013 it is clear that this is not going to be changed in the next rule cycle, but up for review for the next.

Update 23/05/08 16:12 hours: The Q&A has disappeared from the front page and the Q&A page. I don't know what this means. Apparently there was something wrong with it?

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  1. Mail from ISAF
    You’re right, we published 2008-003 on 23 May but we removed it from the website immediately after because a member of the panel spotted a possible mistake. The panel did review again and the final version should be ready on Monday (16/06/08 red) (that’s what they promised).


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