Friday, 30 May 2008

iShares Cup Lugano

When this post is scheduled to appear on the blog, I will hopefully travel the very final part of my trip to Lugano, Switzerland. The bus from Malpensa airport (Italy) is scheduled to arrive at 00.30 in Lugano.

I'm going there to umpire for the Extreme 40 Class in the first of the iShares Cup events. In total five are planned this year. In September I also hope to do the final one in Amsterdam.
If you want to know more about these 'monster' 40 foot cats go to the website: iShares Cup 2008
With a team of 6 umpires in three boats we are going to chase these boats around Lake Lugano.

The rules which apply are the same as used for Medal Races: addendum Q with a few changes because of the size and speed of the boats. If there's any kind of breeze blowing I'm afraid we will need to revert to a zone system. We will not be able to keep up with them.

If I have a chance I'll keep you in the loop with a few pictures and stories.


  1. The iShares Cup looks fantastic Jos and I envy you ;) Great blog site too.

    Myself and many others devote a great deal of time to Virtual Regattas using Virtual Skipper ( My club ( and another ( have almost completed making the VX40 for Virtual Skipper complete with all the real sail and hull designs. Beta testing of the boat has shown it to be a very exciting boat and virtual sailors all over the world will be having many great races with it shortly.

    I would love to hear about your impressions of the boats and how the rule modifications worked out. Virtual Skipper has a built in umpire and we often form juries in big regattas to manage difficult cases that the built in umpire doesn't handle so well. I have sat on the jury for the last three Virtual World Match Racing Championships and the last two Virtual Team Racing Championships. As you can see, I am very interested in the rules too ;)

    Good luck and I will be back to read your thoughts.

  2. Hello Paul. I haven't found time to look at the sites you mention but i will. I wasn't aware of these regattas and am very interested in the rules application in the 'virtual' world.
    Perhaps you care to enlighten my readers and me by telling us something about the rules you use?
    I'd be willing to post a guest piece, if you send it to me by E-mail.


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