Thursday, 15 May 2008

ISAF Race Officials Newsletter 2008 | 2

A couple of days ago all International Race Officials received a newsletter. You can read it on the ISAF web site: ISAF Race Officials Newsletter.

In it John Doerr, chairman of the Race Officials Committee, writes about a number of subjects which will have an impact on how International Race Officials will have to do things in the future.

The professionalism of sailors in the high-end regatta's is growing and we will have to be up to the task of officiating at that level as well.

The on-line application system will be tested this year and - if successful - will be operational for all next year.

He also writes about conflicts of interest, an issue which has surfaced recently very prominently on the websites and forums. I quote:
"This is an issue that we are working on and plan to bring the fruits of our work to the November conference. It is a thorny subject as we are more often than not dealing with perception rather than reality, but we must tackle the problem none the less."

Finally he brings to our attention the possibility to participate in work for the ISAF.

Kieler Woche Jury 2006
Jury of Kieler Woche 2006

When ISAF changes course in these areas, does things differently then before, it will eventually have an impact on how your MNA will treat you as a national official. People who serve on the committees figuring out these things, also have influence in their own country. Also, if you want to become international you have to confirm to it, and what better start then using that same principles for national levels as well.

There's a lively discussion on Scuttleblog about Certification for US-Judges. All who are so opposed to it - for credible and legitimate reasons - should also look at the developments on this level, before shooting that idea down.


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