Tuesday, 13 May 2008

ISAF Q&A 2008-001 and 2008 -002

Not one, but two new Q&As appeared on the ISAF Web site today. And both about subjects we discussed already on this blog!

The first one Q&A 2008-001 is about scheduling races in order, which relates to Kleine Sneekweek 2008 Scoring, a post from Sunday 4th of May.

Quote: " It is generally accepted best practice to sail races in the original sequence unless there is a good reason to do otherwise."
In my opinion this is a conformation that the last sailed race should be used in case of tied results and application of A8.2

What do you think?

The second one Q&A 2008-002 is about definition of finish and a capsized boat, discussed in this post: Definitions | 3

Quote: "Also, the boat does not break rule 47.2 while the crew are making all reasonable attempts to recover the boat and get back on board provided they are not making any attempt to progress the position of the boat in the race. If they attempt to ‘swim’ the boat across the finishing line, they would break both rule 47.2 and rule 42.1, and possibly rule 2."

I wonder who send these questions to ISAF?


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