Friday, 9 May 2008

Look To Windward READERS Q & A | 4.1

This discussion was started by AndraZ in this post Look To Windward READERS Q & A | 4
were he asked a question about RRS 18 and approaching to start.
In response I received an Email from Mike B, which I think merits a post on its own. He included the following text and picture:

I basically agree but you have to be careful with the wording.
What of the situation here shown as attached!

Here you cannot say the inside boat has no right to right to room in the initial position. It has the mark on the correct side, but cannot be approaching to start till it is in the correct tack (gybe) to enable it to do so.

What do you think?
Mike B

Yes, I am to curious about your opinion, so please leave your comments.


  1. Blue boat is ROW boat (RRS 11), but if they are approaching to start (if there are only a few seconds till the signal), why should RRS 18 apply?
    Why would boats be approaching to start only after the gybe?

    What if the boats would approach the mark downwind vertically to the starting line, both on port tack?
    They'd still have to gybe.

    Why couldn't you say, that the blue boat has no right to room in connection with RRS 18, which does not apply, anyway?

    It's obsolete.
    Blue boat could continue with the course, since RRS 18 is off and proper course does not yet exist (if RRS 17.1 would apply).

    In my opinion blue boat should be careful enough to push the yellow boat out in a way that she couldn't catch her after the gybe.

  2. Before the gybe Blue is r-o-w boat. There's no conflict with 18.
    She can sail passed the committee boat without bearing away and Yellow has to keep clear.

    If Blue rounds the mark and gybes she's still r-o-w boat (SB) until Yellow gybes. Only then Blue becomes keep clear boat.
    In that position 18 is off (they are approaching to start) but initially 15 and then 16 protect her. Yellow has to give her room to keep clear and cannot expect Blue to hit the committee boat.


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