Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Twenty four teams; six boats and two days.

With the Spring Cup MR event last weekend and yesterday's committee meeting, I haven't had time to finish my post on definition 5. Instead today a question, I hope you can help me with. I'll work on "Proper course" tonight.

On 6& 7 June the KWS is organizing a Match Race event for the May Day student fraternity. They want a format for twenty four teams to compete in a fair way using 6 boats in only two days. I'm struggling with examples from the IU Manual and can't quite get it to work.
The only way I see at the moment, is to use four groups who compete in two divisions, and the four group winners in a round robin and then a final / semi final. But how to get the groups fairly equal without knowing anything about the competitors? And its still is about 18 hours on the water, which is to much. Can it be done?

I haven't had much experience with making the schedule. Is there anyone who can help me?
Please, leave a comment or mail me


  1. Jos

    I do not think it is possible as you are boxed in by the number of hours on the water. My thinking si to work backwards from a schedule view.

    This way it will give you a view of how many matches one can have. Once you have that then one can build a schedule. The net result will be that not all will race with each compeditor.


  2. I will have to go back to the Organizers telling them that 24 teams is too many, agreed.


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