Thursday, 9 February 2012

Speed & Smarts Newsletter 118

I've been subscribing to Speed & Smarts for a couple of years and always have a copy on my 'coffee table'.
David Dellenbaugh always finds new ways to tell sailors how to improve there racing abilities. I don't race that much myself any more - being to busy with judging and umpiring - but nevertheless it helps me understand how and why sailors do things. And that is something I do need, when judging what parties are telling me in a hearing.

I've snapped a picture from issue 118 to illustrate.
You can subscribe to this bi-monthly newsletter by going to And even if you don't want to straight away - have a look at the website. There's lots of useful information there.


  1. terror is:
    Approaching a crowded leeward, port-rounding, mark on Starboard, on a "hot" layline (fast assymetric) where a large group that you've been overlapped on from a hilariously long way out are approaching on port, all jostling each other and possibly not paying that much attention to you.
    Joy is: them all just noticing in time, giving you enough time to pull of a damn-near perfect gybe rounding.
    I'm really not sure what would have happened had it not gone well. I think boats might have sunk...

  2. A classic situation. A very visible Jury boat just to leeward of the mark does have a calming effect.

    I know a boat builder who makes his money repairing keelboats who prefers teh jury not to go on the water - we are bad for his business!



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