Saturday, 25 February 2012

International Race Officer Seminar in NED

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From The ISAF Website:

ISAF Race Officials News
The Hague, The Netherlands

Are you an experienced national race officer and do you want to become an International Race Officer?
From 16 - 18 March the Race Management Seminar will be organized in The Hague by the Royal Netherlands Yachting Union and ISAF.

With instructors Charley Cook and Christophe Gaumont we are sure it will be very interesting and instructive days, with theory and practical exercises. At the end of the seminar we finish with an exam, which gives you the entrance to become an International Race Officer. The costs are € 294,- , including two nights hotel accommodation.

For more information and registration please contact: edwin dot lodder at watersportverbond dot nl 

The ISAF Race Official Seminar and Clinic programme aims to improve standards of officiating around the world by increasing the number of officials qualifying for ISAF International status. The programme depends on the co-operation of ISAF Member National Authorities (MNAs) who host the seminars. You can find details on the guidelines and procedures for hosting a seminar or clinic, together with application forms for MNAs wishing to host one on the ISAF Race Officials site at

I'm already at an event, otherwise I would have gone...
How about you?


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