Sunday, 19 February 2012


No, I don't mean those

Snipers are short for Affiliate Cash Snipers.
I've added a couple on LTW. Instead of going for a subscription fee or asking for a donation, I've decided to use Snipers. It is a little more crowded in the sidebar, I admit, but I DO need to earn some money with the Blog - like I told you in this post: Flog The Blog Day (46)

Those Snipers are specifically targeted on products YOU are looking for.
A new start watch, perhaps. Or a life jacket. You can use the Interactive Customization Filters in a Sniper to search for that product which you need. And if you find what you are looking for and buy it - I earn a small commission for pointing you in the right direction.

A Sniper explained

So, next time you need a new Camera or Life Jacket, please use one of my Snipers.
It would be a big help!
You found what you where looking for and I can keep writing LTW.



PS. If you have suggestions for a product line, please tell me and I'll find a Sniper for you.
PPS: If you want to install Snipers on your website or blog, go to Affiliate Cash Snipers.Com


  1. Maybe a sniper for sailing-related books?
    - tactics
    - trim
    - starting strategy
    - rules
    - beginner/intermediate/advanced
    - cruising
    - sail types
    - who knows what else...

    Maybe that would be a good one?

    1. I'll have a look if I can get it down to this level...
      Thanks latindane!


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