Sunday, 12 February 2012

Score 03/02 in LTW 2012 Winter Challenge

As per usual the scoring for last weeks challenge. You can find the my remarks with the individual entries in the comments in post: LTW 2012 Winter Challenge - Episode 03/02

I've measured the entries against my own Facts Found, Conclusion and Decision:

Facts found:
TUR delivered the protest after time limit because of a cue at the desk.
DEN was on starboard close hauled course on the first beat, toward mark 1 in race 5.
TUR on port close hauled, overlapped with BRA who was 2 meter to leeward and 3/4 BL forward, both on a collision course with DEN.
BRA bore away to go behind DEN and left approx. 0,5 meters of room between her and the transom of DEN.
TUR slowed down and passed very close astern of DEN. BRA luffed to close hauled.
There was collision between TUR’s bow and BRA’s port aft quarter.
No damage to any boat. Neither took a Penalty


PC extended the time limit, because there was a good reason to do so.
TUR to windward, failed to keep clear of BRA to leeward, but was forced to break rule 11 because BRA as outside boat did not give enough room to pass an obstruction (DEN on starboard) to TUR on the inside, while she was able to. BRA broke rule 19.2(b) and TUR is exonerated under rule 64.1(c).
BRA broke rule 14, because she could reasonably avoid the contact, TUR could not. BRA is not penalized for rule 14 because there was no damage or injury.
Rule(s) applicable:
RRS 10, 11, 14, 16.1, 19.2(b), 61.3, 64.1(c)

Protest Upheld
BRA DSQ in race number 5

(232 words)

Deadline for first question in Episode 02/10 is 23:59 tonight.


  1. I am interested in the fact that you included details of the protest being submitted lte in the facts and conclusion.
    As i understand it the hearing into the validity is held first and only if found valid do you proceed to find facts etc. As such this information is part of a pre-hearing and should be noted sepoerately if needed. It is not a part of the main hearing.

    1. Yes, in any normal way the validity is done first and a valid protest is registered on the form by ticking a box. But if a protest is found not valid, you must write down the facts found - i.e. protest delivered at x time. - and a conclusion - i.e. no good reason for late delivery - and decide that the protest is not valid. It may be done first but is still part of the hearing. This is also done if you extend the time. You must write down the fact that made the PC decide to do that.

  2. Jos-
    I did submit an entry on 8 February, and have sent you another email just now.

    1. I've rectified the posting. My apologies.


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