Monday, 18 February 2008

'Flog the Blog' Day (3)

In Google Analytics I can track the referrals from other sites. In the past three months the list with the first 20 looks like this:
Rising in this list is nr. 11 My posts are displayed in their front page reader and apparently some visitors are clicking for more. I cannot discover the source of nr. 8: When entered in Firefox I get a Yahoo sign up page for an E-mail box. The same for nr. 19 Anyway, thanks for all the referrals, whoever you are.

If you have comments, want to exchange links or just leave a message, please don't hesitate to mail me. The E-mail address is just below my profile-widget.


  1. "The same for nr. 19"
    It should be

  2. Hi Jos,

    Nice of you to be so open about these sort of things. Most people keep these numbers to themselves.

    Because I started blogging just after you did, I try to link to you whenever its relevant. I see that's working out for you. There were 74 people coming to your site via me in the past three months.

    I also see more and more in my statistics. The referrals with (and everything else with mail.*) are people who got an e-mail with a link to your site which they clicked. I also see a lot of those in my statistics but have no clue how they got the e-mail. On the other hand... who cares?


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